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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aeros and Wild Wins - corrected issue

Something went awry with my earlier post..
so here is the  NEW version with corrections.

Aeros trounce Rampage 6-1 with Kuemper the goalie, while Wild win 2-1 with Hackett replacing ailing Harding after a few seconds.
And it is all due to the YEOSIE system and strategies. Well it sure looks that way.
Wild is just one of 5 NHL teams to never have been shut out.

Of course, Aeros cannot lay claim to same. But have done rather well under trying circumstances. McMillan and Ortmeyer injured.
Also it seems McIntyre is reassigned to Aeros after an injury incurred while with the Wild.
Almond, Prosser and Wellman back with the Wild.
New Names appear on the roster:
Harrison Reed, Joey Martin who got his first AHL goal last night vs Rampage, and
now Mike Mc Kenzie as did Rob Nolan
as BUG in San Antonio for whom he played very briefly earlier the season :-)!

You guess is as good as mine:
Will Hackett stay up?
Will Kuemper stay Nr. 1?
Will goalies stream through revolving doors as we all remember from a couple years ago with Climie, Beauchemin, etc.... serving as BUG?

Anyway tomorrow's kiddie game will see (most likely?) Kuemper in goal.

And here he is reminding us all:

DO toss your teddy (bear - a course)
at the game on 12/16
if you are planing to be there!

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