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Monday, October 31, 2011

Men in Stripes

This cartoon seems apropos following last evenings 'stellar' performance by the Men in Stripes!

We just love to hate them.
Whatever they do, however they call it... they get yelled, or worse,  at.
When MY team or YOURS gets the penalty, it does not matter - they get boo'ed.
They seem - just take a minute to think about that - perennial caught between an
on-ice Scylla and Charybdis:

On the surface it looks like a neat job.
One skates,  blows a whistle, travels in style (no bus rides - he),
and has THE power to stop fleet hockey players on their skates!
In short, a dictator on skates!
And their salaries are nothing to sneeze at, as well.
In the NHL $110K for starters and $225K for veterans. Averaging the numbers salaries fluctuate between $105K to $233K.
But, don't we often  get that sneaky feeling that some of them are actually failed hockey players?
Failed, due to lack of real talent. But with the desire to skate in any case.
And so it seems that they take out their frustrations on certain teams they identify with - in an anti-sorta way.  While overlooking (accidentally on purpose) infractions by a team they favor.
Which, of course, they should not. Being supposed impartial judges.
And enforcers of rules and regulations.
Of which there are so many cropping up annually that we must show them some tolerance.
They, too, are only human and fallible. If we don't remember them all, they too may forget a one or a two..yet,  they ought to know them all...that's their job!
BUT...to err is human, right?

So let's compare them to art/opera/classic music critics.
These, too, are often musicians or singers who did not cut it --- lack of real talent, lack of great agents, lack of opportunities.. whatever the cause.
Although in the case of art/etc. critic they sit back tuxedo clad in free plush (or so) seats while listening, watching ...or meander, in casual flannels, unscathed through galleries - then go on-line or whatever, to compose their 'professional' raves or slurs. To be read avidly, or not, by the general public. Of course, their salaries are much smaller! And they need only drive/walk to the venue where they are ask to judge. Sometimes, they do fly (to a summer musical event)! And get per diems.

On the other hand, Hockey referees take to the ice in a striped shirt,  black pants and a red armband,  which they wash often - it's hoped ! Plus a black helmet and a number on their back (making them an easy target - lol - hopefully JUST for jeers).
No pads or any other kind of protection against hard slapshot pucks,
colliding players (accidentally on purpose maybe;-)! 
And not to forget the occasional stick between legs... :-)
They also need to be sprinters, jumpers and duckers.
It really does take some guts to be out there!   And they wish, I am sure, that they had eyes on their backs lol!!
Happy Halloween for the last time!


ICEVET said...

There is no doubt that most hockey fans (whether or not admitted) have a negative bias toward the "competence" of referees, particularly when CALLS (or lack thereof) work against the success of their FAVORITE team.

Your light-spirited POST offers a light and refreshing view on the "no name" athletes who wear the stripes and orange arm-bands and carry the responsibility for Game control.

Go Aeros!!!

Anonymous said...

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artandhockey said...

Now, how does yr comment relate to men in stripes, anon?