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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hockey Players and Opera singers are much alike!

Duh, you say.
But consider:
  • They are the modern travelers...one dare not say gypsy anymore.. that's non PC!
  • They both travel around the world.
  • Change venues as often - well perhaps not quite that often - as underwear!
  • Live out of suitcases if necessary.
  • Need lots of lung power and stamina.
in the case of Opera singers - they must sing loudly, without microphones, to be heard in the back row of the top tier while standing, climbing ladders, swinging from the rafters, sitting, lying on back, sides or tummy maybe dieing agonizingly slowly  - just as ordered by the oh, so modern (lol) director.

in the case of Hockey players - they must skate forward, sideways and backward all the while keeping a sharp look out for fellow players, the dreaded on-ice officials and a small black disc plus any opening to slam it home in the foe's net! And still have an eye for lovelies in the stands!
  • Dress in costumes which may be padded in the case of Opera singers,
  • Most definitely in the case of Hockey players. Opera singers costumes do NOT have fight straps (although ... ah well let's not go there)
  • Have quick reflexes.
  • Need to learn different languages.
in the case of Opera singers - language must match musical notes and emotions of the moment..
In the case of Hockey players - language mus match current coaches' lines and be upbeat!
  • Opera singers need to watch conductors, each other - so as not to trip on a train that's being swished :-) and sometimes a loved in the audience to be sure s/he gets the message!
  • Hockey players need to watch each other, foes, on-ice officials - so as to get away with pesky infractions :-)!
  • Opera singers get paid by performance.
  • Hockey players by contract.
Both pay their agents beaucoup in percentages. 
  • Opera Singers buy their own meals, unless invited by fans wishing to rub shoulders with stars.
  • Hockey players ditto, except for the fan invites, on travels per diems are in order.
  • Opera singers fly Business or maybe First Class, rent cars or walk to the opera house (in Europe..except for Venice where they use boats!
  • Hockey Players at the exalted NHL level fly in private jets. Lower levels use chartered buses! They do not walk to the rinks.
  • Opera Singers are - with advance notice - rather accessible to fans backstage for hugs and general congratulations on a show well done. Especially those fans that travel to hear THEIR star in a famous opera house. Those may, with some luck, get invited to join their star in the post performance prandials!
  • Hockey Player, on the other hand, are secluded and accessible only - with advance request - to THE media. Fans may get that privilege if  'donating' to the team's charities... sometimes! But always under  watchful eyes. No puck bunny need apply.
  • Opera singers read, study, memorize and later hear music for weeks on end.
  • Hockey player hear music during games or on their iPods - and anyone NOT hearing that must be deaf!
  • Opera singers sign programs, books if they've written one, CD's, DVD's, photos of themselves.
  • Hockey players sign jerseys, caps, sticks, pucks, photos of themselves and whatever fans are allowed (one item per fan usually).
  •  Both have short or long stays.
in the case of Opera singers - they have one night stands (also know as recitals)
in the case of Hockey players - they are called up to warm benches.

So there you have it.
Opera Singers and Hockey Players are really much alike!

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