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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A chair of my dream...

I dream of having MY PERFECT CHAIR.
A chair, that rocks -so beneficial for nodding off.
Swivels, making sitting down and getting out easier!
With a high back, that's easy on back, neck and head!
Maybe has this  built in  to sleep against (lol).
And a seat height not lower than at knee level. Not one that forces me to squat to get onto it!
With an ottoman to elevate tired legs!
A chair that is easy to sit in, and sleep in. And rise from without contortions.

I have looked, looked and looked - in my quest for this perfect chair.

I have seen chairs that offer one or two of such.
But never all together.

I have seen chairs deliciously enticing.
I have seen chairs so decadently sumptuous - one wishes to sink into one with abandon.
(only to find the rising would require assistance of a crane).

Seen others that could make a sculpture bow its head in awe. And yours truly, too!
  At least that one rocks- indeed!

Awesome and elegant - really - to look at!
And some do make me laugh... but on a daily basis ?

BUT never a one that makes me want to sit on it and relax.

As it's coming on Halloween....
here's this:

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