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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Still leading the Pack in the West

Houston Aeros, after 9 games played, are still top dog in the West.
Even after that sad loss on SO vs OKC Barons, who are nipping at Aeros heels.
I was not AT the game, but listened to the announcer on the drive back from a fun Potluck.
And tuned it out after the 3-0 First Period in  favor of OKC. 
Puttering around later, tuned back in and WOW.. Hackett pulled - Endras in.
Aeros came (deja vu) again from behind to draw even with goals by
McMillan (WELCOME BACK Mac!!!) , Fontaine (hey I like this kid) and Palmer.
And in the third a 4th one  made by Welman.
OT scoreless.
SO... OKC win that war.

Some time earlier heard the Wild 'goalie' coach stating (unfavorably) Endras seems another Khudobin in his style of playing.
And saying 'he' (Endras) may need to work on that.
Well, what I have seen so far of Dennis Endras (admittedly he only got the nod the once at the TC before) - I LIKED.
Quick reflexes, athletic, fast on 'skates', sure with glove and blocker..

So. why with 2 (3 if you count Darcy Kuemper-the Darcy Vader of that other Calder Cup run) obviously talented goalies...why let Hackett play back to back?
IMO (no expert - moi) alternating goalies seems the smarter solution.
One plays, one rests... but is ready to become an "Einspringer" at last resort if needed.
Anyway playing with the numbers from last evening's game:
OKC   3-1-0
Aeros  0-3-1
O - being, once again for the Aeros, the number during 'the warm up period'.

I just realized I used here  several operatic terms ... Einspringer... Warm Up
Probably because I came from Opera in The Heights Potluck for "Cosi fan tutti"
(composed by 'my guy' Mozart, BTW) Singers. 
No, they did not sing for their supper..(Sure would have been nice!)
Which was one of the funniest attended
Instead they all told of a funny thing that happened to them on the way onto the stage -
or off the stage,  as the case may be!
And some were  - indeed - most funny.
I really think, baritone Kevin Wetzel, could easily make it as Stand-Up Comic, should his operatic career go South, which it will not, I'm pretty sure, but judge for yourself.. here he is in a short clip..

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