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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Posting outside the box..

With interests - albeit in a purely amateur way - ranging from art, hockey, and more in between, it is a fun thing to do!
And I hope inspires you, chers readers... get out and do some things I blog about!
This AM I skimmed through the WSJ while sipping my eye-opener cup o java..
and there it was - the something that struck me to post about!

Take the proliferation of the 'i'Family of doodads.
It sure made me feel even more so...
antediluvian, outdated and overlooked, left behind.
Just when, finally, I have dragged myself into the world of virtual or otherwise 'non'realism..
or whatever you call it, I am left behind again.
Is it that MY attention span has so diminished that I cannot fathom perceived advantages of Twitter, LinkedIn etc.?
To which daily invitations arrive in my inbox.
I ask myself, how do all of you out there do it?
Following everyone and everything on Twitter?
Are you superhuman who need no sleep?

Following 'friends' on FB takes already so much of my - admittedly retiree's,  time,
that little is left to do other things even on only 4 hours sleep per night!

So how do you do it?
Inspired by Nellie McKay maybe?
Do you do it at work? IF you are lucky to be employed.
Do you do it while vacuuming floors? - via iPhone perhaps!
Do you do it while sorting laundry and similar household chores, while talking, texting or whatever into your blue tooth enabled iDoodad?
Do you do it while driving, grocery shopping, cooking?
Or doing the myriad other things one needs to do to keep body and soul together,
and one's spouse happy!
And give one's kids proper attention preparing them for life?

So how do YOU do it?
I surely would love to know....
especially since there are so many things I STILL want to achieve and do, but seem to lack time for it!
So Tell me!

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