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Friday, October 21, 2011

Goalie or Ghoulie? Trick or Treat?

Having read
this I ask you, chers readers, to chime in IF you love hockey. IS tall better?

But just as a reminder, Ben Bishop, one of the tallest goalies in the nets currently, is not infallible :-)! as we have seen several times
The Big BEND by Ben Bishop-Jerina

A Flying Save for the Bruins!

A deep butterfly split - a ballerina could become jealous, eh?
Do you prefer watching offensive plays?
Or prefer defense moves (and I do NOT mean fights)?
Do you agree with 4 on 4 5 minutes OT followed by a SO?
Are you a goalie follower?

Do you believe that having one's body structure artificially altered as it seems Tim Thomas (of Bruins fame) did is an ethical thing to do?
Yes, he had it done after suffering from hip problems for a part of a season.
But, when the results seem to give a wider range of movement, better flexibility and longer playing seasons can the time when this kind of surgery may become part of a goalies' training be far behind?
A cosmetic kinda thing to enhance, not one's looks :-), but one's prowess instead?
Of course, the talent will have to be there first, but...enhancing it via 'surgery' seems rather tempting, eh?
Dr. Frankenstein seems alive and well in orthopedic hospitals.

In one of the comments following the article a couple solutions were suggested:
  • Make rink and net larger.
  • Limit size of pads and other equipment.
  • Even shrink them
  • Develop better and more effective offense
  • More emphasis on players who can score
  • Change the way to scores
  • Discard shoot outs
  • Go back to overtime - no ties - until the puck {or all players :-)} drops!
Do you think that would solve the problem of so few goals scored lately?
Meanwhile in the Spirit of the Month:


Ms. Conduct said...

Interesting read. Makes it sound like goaltending is easy or something, which I find pretty annoying. Might have to do a Backhand Shelf piece on this subject at some point!

artandhockey said...

Well, why not!
But admit, size may have quite an impact, as do shape and form of equipment- in hockey!