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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's happening..?

Actually, Jordan Hendry, (Feb 23, 1984) Jordan Hendrywas signed to a PTO.
2002–03U. of Alaska-FairbanksCCHA3535810
2003–04U. of Alaska-FairbanksCCHA36491338
2004–05U. of Alaska-FairbanksCCHA301121
2005–06U. of Alaska-FairbanksCCHA384101474
2005–06Norfolk AdmiralsAHL131451330002
2006–07Norfolk AdmiralsAHL80412168460226
2007–08Rockford IceHogsAHL453475810002
2007–08Chicago BlackhawksNHL4013422
2008–09Chicago BlackhawksNHL90000
2008–09Rockford IceHogsAHL533694540002
2009–10Chicago BlackhawksNHL4326810150002
2010–11Chicago BlackhawksNHL371014
NHL totals129491340150002

A QUICK peak at Hendry here

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