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Sunday, October 9, 2011

One down - 75 to go!

It seemed a bit deja vu... didn't it? 
When Nr. 17 Casey Wellman faced down Matt Climie Nr 33 in goal for Chicago,
Wellman got 2 goals on Climie - not quite a repeat of that other game.
But exciting enough to keep us on the edge of our seats ...will he make a Third goal and get another hat trick?
Now that would have started the season off with a real bang.
Nevertheless, the game progressed nicely.

Goal One
From a reasonable (10 SOG  by Aeros vs 5 by Wolves), but scoreless First by both teams, the Aeros went gungho in the second with 20 Shots on Goal vs 8 by Chicago, scoring 2 goals in rapid succession by Wellman 17 (Helpers Taffe 22, Penner 5 and then McMillan 27) - later 1 by Ortmeyer, prominently wearing 41 (must remember that number change from 22 to 41), with Peters 25 and Foucault 13 assisting.
Matt Hackett keeping Chicago scoreless through 2 periods....and getting us to believe in a shut out!

 Goal 3 -Fans Happy
But no, Chicago came howling back in the third with 12 SOG vs  Aeros with just 4..one of which however was goal Nr. 4 by DiSalvatore 14 with Foucault 13 and Taffe 22.
Chicago Goal-fans unhappy!
The lone Chicago goal came at about 4 minutes into 3rd. by Mancari with Doell and Polasek..
 And at least twice it looked to me as if Mancari could have slipped the puck into Aeros net again! Were it nor for Hackett stopping 24 of 25 SOG..
whose glove catching facility has immeasurably improved over the summer! 
And Climie had to eat the loss with 30 stops of 34 SOGs.
Team Chicago a bit disconcerted by Aeros efforts needed 2 periods to regroup!

Sauve couldn't save...Last Aeros Goal
Was the two Too many men on ice, and one Delay of game penalties for the Aeros just a sign of a newly gungho team spirit? All those new Aeros raring to go?
Whatever it was, Chicago was unable to use the 9 penalty opportunities,
while Houston made 2 of their 7 count.

Three Stars of the Game were all Aeros:
Casey Wellman Nr.1,
DiSalvatore Nr.2 and
Rookie Foucault Nr.13.

 Kris Foucault 13, and Nystrom 23 skated well and fast with a certain "turn on a dime" agility which looked so easy.
Peters on the Draw

Caught me a Puck!

Peters, Rau and McMillan did most of the face off honors.
Two melees...at one time
Ortmeyer helps stop the puck!
Prosser 15, Palmer 19 and Taffe 22 played a very solid game.
Rau had some nifty moves as did Wellman.
Joel Broda
Hendry 24 and Broda 56 appear to have taken on the Kassian mantle!
Genoway 39 was somewhat invisible.
Early on Cuma 61 took quite a while to right himself after a collision near the bench.

Team speed and passing, plus puck possession seemed rather improved - but it is early yet!
Over all this first regulation game of the season was up tempo and exciting to watch by almost 10,000 fans!


ICEVET said...

Another excellent POST to start the 2011-12 season!

This season's version of the Aeros should prove to be a very exciting group to watch, with an eclectic (but quite talented) group of players. The coaching staff appears to have done a good job in putting the 4 lines together (i.e. Ortmeyer, Peters, and Focault) and conditioned this team to play 3 periods of hockey from the Start.

I was duly impressed by the "checking...hustle factor" along with the improvement (over last year) of passing and team speed.

Also, solid players like Nystrom and Hendry on defense will keep the opponents honest and the goals against number down. The looming "attitude factor" with Nystrom should be mitigated by teammates such as Peters and Ortmeyer, with whom he has had a long friendship. His "big hit" last night sent a message to everyone that his presence will always be felt on ice.

And, as you highlighted, what Aero Fan can forget the performance of Casey Wellman, who, previously, on December 10, 2010, potted 4 goals against Matt Climie (with San Antonio) at Toyota Center (a natural hat trick in the first period). After his first 2 goals, last night, and a near-miss on a turn-around attempt in the 2nd period, there was a "fleeting" thought that history might again repeat itself, with another natural hat trick!

In sympathy, Matt Climie might be forgiven if he were to decline the opportunity to mind-the-nets for the Wolves in the final 3 meetings of the two teams, over the course of the season.

I look forward to a great season of hockey from the Aero Team and your excellent array of pictures and tongue-in-cheek comments on each game. Glad to have you back!

Go Aeros!

artandhockey said...

Thanks for reading and commenting ICEVET, and for citing( remembering) the exact date it happened....
for a moment I thought I'd imagined the stand off situation Climie/Wellman!
My memory isn't quite what it ought to be so any aide memoire is always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Great post and pics! It was, indeed, a great way to start the season. Thank goodness the PK was top notch and hopefully the boys will get the penalties under control. Should be a fun year.

artandhockey said...

@Anonymous.. thank you for reading and beeing brave to comment which not everyone does.

GO AEROS. Oct 15!