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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Most dangerous ??? Halloween Thoughts

Seems to me that everywhere dangers to the well being of  'the people' has become the topic of newsprint anmd the government.To attract viewers the dangers are being exploited and hyped.
The adrenalin rush gets priority.
Faster! Higher! More! Nail biting suspense!
And yet there are the 'I-Told-You-Sos' who increasingly want to regulate the sports or whatever to minimize perceived and real dangers.
Technical developments increase speed, enhance performance,
add more whoomp to the battered balls, etc.
Better this - better that!
Plus the size of players and performers plays a decisive role as well.
Better nutrition, better training, and more, can be such game changers.
Sultan Kosen , the tallest man alive?
Now to size, bigger is not always better.
At least on film and TV.
The cameras love skinny!
Skin over bones looks very niiiice on TV.
Healthy? I do not think so.
Vide the continous battles vs bulemia,
and other eating distorders - just to attain that skeletal look.

Like an ironing board with lentils,
unless surgically enhancing the lentils to...smallish melons? :-)

Talking about ironing boards, I found ironing board covers like theseadvertised by Prezzy box-UK. They'd really make ironing fun?
Aren't they just dandy??? LOL!
And in the spirit of the month

 Happy Travels on Halloween!

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artandhockey said...

Hmmm, just heard that the AHL suspended AEROS' Carson McMillan for 4 games due to an "illegal hit to the head" of Dadonov, for which - at the game - he received ONLY a 2 Minute penalty.
Go figure!
But is seems so apropos of my blog above!