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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The longest shoot out - I can remember

Esposito Winning Goal
San Antonio's Esposito got the winning goal.
Now that the baddest news are past...I'll get to the rest of them.
Aeros defense was quite good, Hackett was too, he did stop 23 sogs during the regulation time,
and 10 of the 12 SO.
The  3 P.. goal
That SA's Kostka with Thomas and Cullen (!) got a short handed goal which put SA Rampage on the board first - was kind of a fluke. 
But Aeros evened the score soon with goals by the 3 P's (Penner, Peters, Palmer) -
a PP goal at that -lol; followed by another PP goal by Wellman, Hendry, Prosser.

That D + D equals G...
Or it does when you have a Dadonov with a Derlyuk attacking a surprised Hacket that's when you get a Goal (Nr. 2 for Rampage).
BTW Dadonov #14 was rather impressive, holding onto the puck, switching out the way of Aeros defenders to sneak around the goal and plant the puck on Hacketts' uncovered right flank. Now that happened in Period 2. But Fontaine (he IS good - that one) with Broda and MacIntyre made it Aeros 3- SA 2.
Also good was the twinset Penner (right) and Chenoway (left) skating towards SA Goalie Brian Foster (who for a Rookie did extremely well) - in a sorta pincer movement.
Passing the puck well amongst themselves, skating speedily and agilely...a good combo, IMO.

During another PP of the Aeros caused by an interference call on Cullen of SA - forced,  so it seemed to me rather on purpose by Chenoway, no goal was scored.
So there we have the rookie Chenoway, at 5"9 the littlest guy on the team, doing arabesques around the others. Niiice! very nice!

In the third we have no goals by Aeros nor SA despite 3 PP ( 2 for SA) 1 for Aeros.
And the game seemed in favor of Aeros, when at 13 min, Kearns with Repik made it 3-3.
And so it stayed though the 5 minute Over Time.
McMillan was the recipient of the newest penalty "illegal hit to the head" of Dadonov (#14) who took his time to rise from the ice...a case of embellishment (?) which was however NOT called.
And soon after he was back skating as furious as before.
Rallo Tries
Now the Shoot Out.. a total of 10 as per AHL sheet,. my notes said 11 shooters .. the Nrs 19 for Aeros, and 27 for SA, were on it!
Palmer Tries
Did I dream these? I dunno.
The Official AHL sheet said 10 shooters.
But here are the 2 photos I took!
Palmer and Rallo tried.
 I did NOT dream!

With Fontaine getting the lone goal for Aeros; and Cullen (here he is again) and Esposito the two for SA.

BUT SA Rampage won the shoot out..
a historic shoot out?


ICEVET said...

Your POST on last night's SA contest is, as usual, very introspective, touching on a number of things ignored by other Blogs.

Agree on the Dandanov "flop" (leading to the McMillan head-penalty), which was nicely embellished for the nearby official. Also, your "formula" (D + D = G) injects a bit of levity into describing a hard-fought game.....just think, there are 11 more of these interstate contests to come.

While other bloggers have focused on Hackett's play and given him "a pass" on the first 2 Rampage goals, he was clearly outplayed by Brian Foster (reminding one of the Admirals Jeremy Smith in the 2011 Western Conference Semis).

Finally, Jeff Taffe (nearly 70 points last season with Rockford) has been a no-show, thus far, including his effort in the shoot-out. Aeros management had expected him to take over the role of Patrick O'Sullivan...hopefully, he will.

Go Aeros!

artandhockey said...

It hurts to admit, that Foster was seemingly a better - perhaps just luckier - goalie last night. But he sure was quick to move - feet, body, head and eyes (one assumes), switching positions for best eyeing of oncoming pucks driven by sometimes-flying-towards-goal Aeros offenders!