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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


celebrates today its 56th National Day.
Seinen 56. National Feiertag!
the Four in a Jeep-Vienna 1945-55
Am 25. Oktober 1955 zogen die letzten Besatzungmachtsoldaten aus Oesterreich ab.
Austria 1945-1955-
"Fleckerlteppich Oesterreich"
Please rise, and gentlemen remove your hats!
The real Austrian Anthem!
In Anerkennung des Feiertages hiermit:

And let's celebrate with:
Sachertorte, Einspaenner
und Sekt!

And for Julie Andrews Fans:
And for those, that still think this is the real anthem
(I only wish it were - really.
One could dance  it LOL)

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