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Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is the title of a novel by Pete Hamill  (which I have just finished reading),
who also wrote:

North River
Downtown My Manhattan, nonfiction
Forever  Diego Rivera,  nonfiction
Why Sinatra Matters,   nonfiction
News is a Verb  nonfiction
Snow in August
Piecework, nonfiction
A Drinking Life : A Memoir-nonfiction
Tokyo Sketches : Short Stories
Loving Women
The Guns of Heaven
The Invisible City : Short Stories - nonfiction)
The Deadly Piece
Flesh and Blood
Dirty Laundry
The Gift
Irrational Ravings - nonfiction
A Killing for Christ

Hamill, of Irish descent, received numerous awards, has traveled extensively, lives in New York City.

If you enjoy a novel written partly in the present, partly in the past, you'll like this.

 If you enjoy a novel with historic backgrounds, this really is for you.

 If you enjoy a novel with religions, politics, a hint of ribaldry and more, this is the  one.

 If you enjoy a novel of epic proportions, suspended belief and magic adventures,    this it it for you!

Have I caught your interest? Are you perchance lusting for more details?
Sorry, I am not going to write a brief on it - you'll  just have to read it for yourself!

If you have read "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt
you may be interested to know that Pete Hamill was one author whose works inspired McCourt.

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