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Friday, July 8, 2011

7 Days to Howling

on July 15 the moon will be full!
Chicago Wolves

Let the craziness begin.
Sudbury Wolves-Alain Valiquette
Manchester Wolves-Lady Wolfpack
Golden Wolves
CreditValley Wolves Hockey
Wolves as sports logos ;-)... just a few to sample
Grapevine Wolves
 since there are way too many to post in one blog.....

"Did you know that".....
Hockey Players get pensions?
The NHL pension plan was established in 1948..

Benefits were rather measly in the beginning..
Mr. Hockey - Gordy Howe only received $14,000 - amounting to a poverty level income! Nothing to howl about ;-)!
1990 the pay out changed, when former player Carl Brewer began to investigate the pension plan and Eagleson.
In 1994 he sued Alan Eagleson, formerly head of NHL players Association, for withholding millions from the players.
Finally Players were awarded over 40 Million $ for the pension fund in 1997 following that suit.

In order to qualify for a pension a player must have played at least 160 games to be eligible.
With less than 400 game played, a player will collect at age 45 of about 8,000 Can$.
Players with more than 400 games receive about 12,500 Can$ per year starting at 45 plus a payment of $ 250,000 Can$ at age 55.

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