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Friday, July 15, 2011

Chapter Four: SPHL, USHL and NAHL, and Aeros Update

A league with $300,000 cap with a 30-week season (for simplicity's sake) has a $10,000 weekly cap to pay 18-22 players assuming no player movement - about $450-$550 per player per week. Some players earn more than others, and others still are on short-term, 5-game or whatever try-out contracts. So, $200 is not totally out of the question for a fill-in type guy. If this holds true for USHL I don't know.
I assume salaries have increased some over the last couple years.


NAHL teams pay for all players' ice time (practices and games), as well as all travel costs incurred while traveling for games and tournaments, including meals and hotels.
Is equipment supplied and paid for by NAHL teams?
Most equipment is supplied and paid for by NAHL teams, including sticks, gloves, pants, jerseys, socks and helmets.
What is a billet family?
As most players leave home to play in the NAHL, a billet family is with whom a player lives with during the NAHL season. It is where they eat, sleep and study. Billet families are screened and interviewed extensively by the team to ensure a healthy living environment before being allowed to house players.
 For what are NAHL players responsible to pay?
In additional to personal expenses, NAHL players are responsible for a monthly fee,  an estimated $300 a month ­ to cover room and board at the player's billet home. That money is paid to the billet family to cover living expenses (food, etc.)

So now you know... these questions re salaries etc. are always popping up.
One needs to adjust for COLA increases, etc. of course.
But what I have posted in these chapters should answer the most basic questions some of you have posed over time.

And now another update on the new season for AEROS fans:
According to the latest AHL notice after the new division alignment,
the Aeros will face the following teams, most of which are old 'foes' with the Charlotte Checkers and Rochester Americans thrown in as "new kids on the block".
Judging from last year's Checkers action they look like a formidable foe. 
NHL affiliates in parenthesis

San Antonio Rampage (Florida Panthers) and Texas Stars (Dallas Stars) - 12 games
(lots of road trips looming for fans :-)! )

OKC Barons (Edmonton Oilers) and Abbotsford Heat (Calgary Flames) - 8 times,

Grand Rapids Griffins (Detroit Red Wings) -  6 times,

Chicago Wolves (Vancouver Canucks), Rockford Icehogs (Chicago Blackhawks), Milwaukie Admirals (Nashville Predators), Peoria Rivermen (St. Louis Blues),
Lake Eerie Monsters (Colorado Avalanche) and Charlotte Checkers (Carolina Hurricanes) -  4 games each,

and Toronto Marlies (Toronto Maple Leafs), Hamilton Bulldogs (Montreal Canadiens) and Rochester Americans (Buffalo Sabres)  - 2 games each.

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