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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chapter Three: CHL, ECHL. WHL




Active Roster - consists of a maximum of twenty (20) Players who have signed a Standard Player Contract (SPC) or have been assigned or loaned to the Club by an NHL/AHL team. A Player on Injured Reserve is not on the active roster.

 Salary Cap - a weekly Salary Cap to be shared amongst all Players on the Active Roster shall be as follows:
2010/11- $12,000 US. 2011/12- $12,400 US. 2012/13- $12,400 US

 Salary Floor - is the minimum total salary paid by a Member Club to Players on the Active Roster. The amounts are as follows:2010/11- $8,500 US, 2011/12- $8,700 US, 2012/13- $8,900 US

 Weekly Minimum Salary - for a Player who has played in fewer than 25 professional hockey games at the beginning of the Season who has signed a Standard Player Contract and who was not on a team’s End of Season roster:2010/11- $370 US, 2011/12- $380 US, 2012/13- $380 US

Florida Everblades Goepfert in goal vs.SC Stingsrays-ECHL-artandhockey photo

For all other Players:2010/11- $410 US, 2011/12- $425 US, 2012/13- $425 US

 Allocation of the playoff pool - Any Player participating in the playoffs or on the club's injured reserve continues to get paid a salary. The Playoff Pool is payment in addition to Salary, paid by the team from the required contributions of all teams participating in the Playoffs. Each team shall pay for twenty (20) shares for distribution among the Players on the Active Roster or as the Players shall elect- 2010/11- $314,200 US, 2011/12- $322,800 US, 2012/13- $331,450 US. The Allocation of funds is agreed to annually for Wild Card/Play-In, 1st Round Elimination, 2nd Round Elimination, 3rd Round Elimination, League Runner-Up and League Champion teams.

Red Deer's Darcy Kuemper-soon to be an Aeros-WHL

 Per Diem Allowance for each Player accompanying his team while he is away from his home city in excess of 25 miles for the purpose of playing a mandatory practice, regular season, or post-season game is as follows:  2011/12- $37 per day, 2012/13- $38 per day. If the team participates in three (3) road games in three (3) consecutive nights, or is on a road trip of five (5) consecutive days, the team is required to provide an additional dinner or pre-game meal in addition to the payments above. In addition, when a team plays a home game and immediately leaves its Home Arena to play a road game, the team must provide each Player with a meal or a fifteen dollar ($15) per diem payment.

 Training Camp - shall not open prior to fourteen (14) calendar days before the league’s first regular season game, and will end at 11:59PM EST on the day before the first Regular Season game. All players shall receive per diem payment for meals, or 3 meals per day provided by team through the end of training camp, or until the player is released. The team shall provide, at its expense, reasonable and appropriate lodging to all Players and Invitees who participate in training camp.

 Player and his own Moving Expenses during the Season
Any Player who is traded, claimed, or assigned during the season shall receive reimbursement for reasonable moving expenses for the Player, Spouse, and his children from the acquiring team. In the event the Player is traded during a road trip, the acquiring team shall reimburse and allow the Player to return to the prior Home territory in order to secure his personal effects.

Veteran  limit on an Active Roster Each team shall be limited to four (4) Veterans on its Active Roster. A Veteran shall mean a Player, other than a goaltender, who has played in at least 260 regular season games of professional hockey.

Reserve System - Each team reserves the rights to all Players on its Protected List during the Season until 11:59PM Eastern Time on June 15. No player on a team’s Season Ending Roster shall be traded  after June 15 at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time. At this time, all trades from the previous season, including trades for future considerations, shall be considered final. A team shall only be entitled to reserve Rights to a maximum of eight (8) Qualified Players. Of these eight (8) Qualified Players, no more than four (4) of the Qualified Players to be Veterans. “Qualified Player” is a Player who is listed on a team’s Season Ending Roster who has received a Qualifying Offer from that team. A “Qualifying Offer” shall mean an offer of a Standard Player Contract to a Qualified Player.

Goalie Brett Jaeger, Ft. Worth Brahmas-CHL

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