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Thursday, July 7, 2011

No more heft on stage.

...at least according to this.

The days of voluminous singers - male or female - are passe!
At least Downunder!

Terracini: ''You go to a movie and you see people who look exactly right for that role,'' he says. ''They're consummate actors and they're completely involved in what they are doing, so their performance is totally believable"

Hmm,  I guess he never heard about those repeat takes 2, 5 or more - just to get that bit of movie scene right? Just saying!
So he wants it to be more lifelike?
Perhaps like those pesky TV reality shows?

The result :

Voices likeTHESE may never be heard if the "big cheese"of Opera Australia has his way.

Good Bye, my Dears :-(!
It was nice to have
 'heard' you -
on YouTube :-)!

Ah, and lest I forget:
Aeros stay in West Division, one of three in the Western Conference, each with 5 competing teams.
by artandhockey
signed a two year contract with the Wild for over $ 800.000 which gives him a real spot in Minnesota vs. Houston - depending on camp outcome, of course.
I am getting more and more hyped up for next Aeros hockey season.
New faces, new (it is hoped) ideas, new combinations of players!
And that means a FRESH approach!
Ah, Never a dull moment!


Anonymous said...

None like that?

artandhockey said...

I doubt that. But hope it will not come that. Australians really would miss out on some marvellous singers - hefty in body-smooth in sound ;-)!