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Monday, July 4, 2011

I speak - You speak

Somethings are just too funny for those who are not au courant with them.
Just like these... 
.. scattered trout caught on croakers     weather report
.. quick limits of flounder    casino wager? 
.. crapple are fair on minnows     fair or unfair?
.. fair bass action to four pounds     is it a price war?
              If you haven't guessed it..                                                         that's fishermen speak!
And with a living thing..as language really is..words take on different meanings.

Discussed eloquently here.

On the other hand, there are "chickflics".
So are romance novels "chickbooks":-D?

And how about "props"? 
No, not the kind usually artfully displayed on stages!

Not these either  
So PROPS to that certain someone who inspired this blog..
not much of a blog, but then it IS summer :-)!

For serious Aeros/Wild fans there is this:
Aeros sign Jeff Taffe,
 while The Wild aquire Dany Heatley for Martin Havlat from the Sharks. Setoguchi now has an old friend on the ice with him, eh!
BTW O'Sullivan is still out there somewhere, but where ?
And in case you did not know about the life of "Sully". Life was not a bowl of cherries for him. Wishing him, his wife and new baby the best!

Should you have missed it due to the holiday weekend
Minnesota, the State, is shut-down!
It has run out of money!

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