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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goalie on the Road - Ein Fahrender Geselle ?

Straubing (SID) - Die Straubing Tigers aus der Deutschen Eishockey Liga (DEL) haben den kanadischen Torhüter Barry Brust verpflichtet. Wie der Klub am Sonntag mitteilte, erhält der 27-Jährige einen Einjahresvertrag. Brust spielte in der vergangenen Saison beim AHL-Meister Binghamton Senators.
"Wir sind einfach nur froh, dass der Deal nach langen Verhandlungsrunden nun doch geklappt hat. Wir sind überzeugt, dass Barry alle Anlagen und Fähigkeiten mitbringt, um auch in der DEL eine sehr gute Rolle zu spielen", sagte Straubings Sportlicher Leiter Jason Dunham.

Brust as Aeros  (Jerina photo?)
Straubing (AFP) - The Hannover Scorpions (Hannover Scorpions? Why? The team name is Straubing Tigers!) of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) have committed the Canadian goalkeeper Barry chest - LOL. As the club announced on Sunday, the 27-year-old receives a one-year contract.
Breast - LOL - played in the AHL last season champion Binghamton Senators.
"We're just happy that the deal has, after long rounds of negotiations now worked out yet. We are confident that Barry brings all the equipment and skills to play in the DEL a very good role," said Straubing Sports Director Jason Dunham.

Aus dem Gustav Mahler Zyklus "Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen"
In this video the word Brust is NOT about Barry .. just means chest - 
now the line about the blues eyes... well! :-)!

So now Jean Michel Daoust will have another Canadian buddy - albeit from the West - (total of 8 Canadians players with BB, and 1 coach) to play alongside in Straubing, which is a town on the Danube river between Regensburg and Passau (Austrian/Bavarian Border).

 Roman Treasures at Straubing Museum

Straubing, has been settled continously since neolithic times, under the Romans it was a military fort of some importance since the Danube (and other rivers) were "highways of commerce". Although Roman roads provided an opportunity for trade, travel and communication of a scope unknown to the rest of the world, they were primarily built for the rapid deployment of Roman legions. But for the first time one could  receive a letter in Rome, from as far away as northern Gaul, in a few days
(what speed eh?  - Latin Pony Express :-)! 

Of course military couriers were a considerably more common for letters between commanders, the Senate, the Emperor or various installations, yet a civilian mail service was also booming.

Roman Empire at its Golden Age
Even today Straubing is an important port, plus a hub for German biotechnologies.

And there you have it..
as usual PROPER NAMES and grammar in google translations leaves us (me for sure) chuckling!

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