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Monday, July 25, 2011

Too much....

I am unable to take it all in.

Murder, mayhem on book pages is perfectly acceptable.
In real life...it is so sad and infuriating, too.

What makes people flip out?
Being dissatisfied with politics,
disliking certain things,
disagreeing with some decisions...
sure, we've all been there one time or another.
But taking it to the extreme of killing?
Sure we've all dreamt taking on the mantle of Superman to assist in righting wrongs.

I seem to remember grand parents and parents predicting 'this world going to hell in a handbasket'
and they had been through tragedy and 'hellacious' times, already.
But it seems such feelings resurface every generation ...want it or not!

Gibbons "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" comes to mind...
as well as Shirer and others in that vein, about Byzanthium, Germany, and more recently America.
Read this for more.

Remember there was a monumental 'horse and sword' movie? "The Fall of the Roman Empire"
It wasn't a block buster success, and probably destroyed the film empire of Bronston!
But with an array of great actors like Guinness, Boyd, Ferrer, Quayle, Mason, Sharif, Loren, etc. and a well researched plot it was actually an above-average historical drama.
It tried to make sense of the political and other intrigues resulting in the decline and fall of Rome.
And I am sure you will recall other gloom and doom predictions in books and film and TV!
And so...let's get out our crystal balls.
That's as good as it gets anyway, methinks.

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