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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wild Additions- and previous fan faves

The Wild Roster as of July 2, 2011....here

Two more players have been added Charles "Chay" Genoway Defense, Canadian born Dec 20, 1986 

Kyle Medved born June 16, 1988 in Colorado, raised in Minnesota, who will probably skate in Houston .
(BTW Medved  - from the Russian - means bear or honey eater).  Just a bit of levity....

        Y'all now have a
                                 Happy Independence  Day

And for those loyal Khudobin fans here is some good news.
Aeros vs Rampage Win of 12/10/10
photo artandhockey
Boston Bruins have signed AK to a two year contract. Possibly as the Number One in Providence! Bravo Anton. So the rumors of him signing with KHL were unfounded.

file photo Wild
They also signed former Aeros/Wild Benoit Pouliot for one year despite his disappointing records with the Wild and Canadiens...but I do know there are still BP fans in Houston!
So you can go see him with the Bruins in Boston or Providence!

Andf those Greg Rallo (remember the Texas Stars?) fans will be happy to hear that he signed with the Florida Panthers who are now affiliated with the Rampage ....and so it goes, the Merry-go round 
by hockey players.. here today, gone there tomorrow.
It's really time consuming - but so much fun - trying to keep tabs on them! I am trying my best to keep chers readers informed -
just to pass the time during the summer doldrums - Lol.

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