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Saturday, July 30, 2011

And on the 7th day- quick hit AEROS

I am taking to the air to come back from a whirlwind  2 operas experience at Santa Fe, NM.
It will be GRISELDA
(which one you ask: Bononcini's, Scarlatti's Or Vivaldi's...it will be VIVALDI's)
Gian Carlo Menotti. composer
more after having seen/heard them.

So what else is new?

Flooding in Iowa.
Flooding in China.

Politics stink...as if you didn't know that already!
The less said the better IMO.

Commenters everywhere are letting fly with expletives deleted....
Just... balance the ins and outs.. so how hard is THAT?

Daily murder, mayhem - nothing IS new much anymore.
Tooo fed up with all that 'hot air' to blog about it!

Re-seeing The Met's Don Carlo On PBS...
my opinion has not changed much from when I posted on it here in January after seeing the Encore at the movies!
Maybe now I am a bit less enthusiastic about Roberto Alagna and bit more positive about Poplavskaia. 
Re Keenlyside I have the same feeling, although looking at a much smaller screen, the details of his tired face were less obvious than on the giant one at the movies.

Finished, too, some 'lite' summer reading fare.
Nothing to rant about..just fun entertainment in adventure and crime.
Some of those kind of novels that if you miss a page or two you have not missed much ...LOL.

The Peloponnese War still looms however ..... am eyeing it with much less fervor.
It sure is a manana kind of project :-). If ever - sigh!

From the AEROS front:
Aeros home opener and full schedule information is not here quite yet.
But  hockey fans listen up:
the following home game dates are
Saturday, October 15;
Saturday, October 29;
riday, November 18;
Friday, December 16 and
Friday, January 20.

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