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Monday, July 11, 2011

Concessions to Retirement

so you are retired now?
Like me you will revel in all sorts of 'I can now do this '-
for a while.
But that gets old quickly, rather too quickly.

I find I am reverting to old habits - 'late to bed'  - 'early to rise'.
Yes, I concede that the early rising has been moved up a tad... to between 6:30 and 7:30 AM.
The late to bed has also been adjusted to between 12:30 and 2:00 AM.

I admit I tried.
To sleep in! Longer! Later into the AM.
But it did not work.
The body said: "Get up! Get up! And get moving!"
And the brain ditto.." think, exercise those little grey cells!"

And going to bed earlier....
well, if tossing and turning for hours is your thing, that's OK, just not for me.
Always feel I am wasting precious time tossing and turning.
When I could read educational tomes (:-D)? Yeah, right!
Weelll, escapist literature, I confess, is my reading preference, at night anyway!

If I want to get drowsy faster?
Nothing gets my lids drooping faster than a  couple games of Solitaire!
No, really, that does it.
Better than any sleeping draught.;-)!

Ah, it is time to get going, chers readers..
so here  is one inspirational clip "How to spend your last day before retirement?" :-)

Tata, Bye, Au Revoir, Servus, Tschuss.....later!

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Anonymous said...

Thus is just too funny. You got it right. Retirement is not the Goldene Medina.