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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photo Post January 14 -17, 2012

Potluck Scene 1/14/12 for Opera in the Heights Guild and artists

The Met's Regional Competition In San Antonio 1/15/12
The Finalists and Judges

Soprano ( Co winner) Snouffer, A Judge, Baritones Dyakov and Diamond, Pianist, Tenor Touhy

The busload of HGO Buddies with  Studio Member Snouffer!
 Celebrating the Wright Goal
Taylor "Tebowing?"
Above and below: From the Rampage vs Heat game on 1/16/12
with emphasis on Krys Kolanos as a favor for his true blue Houston fans :-)
Kolanos hopping on the ice

KK at Face Off

KK in action behind Grumet Morris net
Goal by Heat or not? NOT!
A 'little' defense of Danny Taylor?
Believe it or not, KK in a scuffle

On 1/17/12 shopping for wines and crocs!
Driftwood at Driftwood Vinery
Bare Vines staked below Driftwood Vinery
And no, we did not buy all the wines produced last fall... just a  mixed dozen.

And FINALLY: a couple familiar Faces behind the bench !

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