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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Talking or singing?

"Prose talks and poetry sings" as Franz Grillparzer stated.

I have known for some time now that I talk better than I sing ;-).

So I enjoy translating as a favor for friends.
Because every time I do, I research the subject to be sure the translation is as accurate as possible.
Even if the writing is in Kurrent, which - mumble years ago - I did know to write and read fluently.
Yes, even though it was not used generally after 1941.
But there were many relatives who wrote only that way in letters.
But have not practised for quite a while, of course.
Who still uses that now except as a hobby?
Plus individuals' handwritten versions are very hard to decipher.
Usually I am asked (as a favor) to translate from one language into another. 
Or actually compose a letter in another language following friends' suggestions re content.
Either one is fun to do.

Just because,  I  began {and quit :-)} to translate a favorite book of my youth!
I quit when I realized that my poetic talent was inadequate to do the great author justice. One's imagination/talent must take over to fluidly convey the meanings!
I do enjoy posting my scribbles here, but realize none are world shaking essays.
But-and that is important - it IS fun!
And it keeps those 'little grey cells' active
to use a phrase  often spoken by Hercule Poirot (Agatha Christie )

Some things just cannot be translated as written, as computer translations do.
Which so often are a huge source for mirth, and truly make my day.
Since idioms and slang expression are non translatable.
Living languages evolve through daily use and inclusions of foreign phrases which may be adapted rather informatively :-)!
Monde und Jahre vergehen und sind auf immer vergangen , aber ein schöner Moment leuchtet das Leben hindurch.
Basta.. Blame it on this rainy day in Houston  :-)!
Monde und Jahre vergehen und sind auf immer vergangen , aber ein schöner Moment leuchtet das Leben hindurch.

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