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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Deja Vu again..

another at home loss in front of close to a record crowd.

Aeros 0 to SA's first goal by Kearns in the first period.

Aeros play catch up in the second with 2 goals by Newbie J. Martin, Medvec and Foucault, a bit later on, Fontaine with Medvec and the other newbie C. Stretch.
Is Kearns getting ready to score?
Martin returning to bench after goal?
Timmins and Fontaine facing the bull ;-)!
But SA comes back to even the score easily by Thomas with Wright and Cullen (back from the NHL) in the third and the game went into OT, where Kearns with Matsumoto and Yonkman make it a win for the Rampage.
Grumet Morris diving for pucks
Wellman skates desperately but is unable to finish with a
Others try their best as well,  but again, the at-home-curse strikes and despite 22 sogs, all but 2 stopped handily by Grumet Morris, Rampage out shoot them 33- 3 of which go into the net.
Pas De Deux


Medvec with 2 assists
Flashy save by Hackett.

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Anonymous said...

I am late catching up with your posts. Do enjoy your photos and titels, they make me laugh and cry, sometime both! Keep it up!