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Friday, January 6, 2012

Aeros 1:Rockford 4 - so the curse continues

The only positive thing  IMO of tonight's performance - if one can call it that - was that  Mike McKenzie got his first goal of the season to even the score after the Icehogs scored almost immediately.
You'd think, that the presence of a respectable crowd of over 7,000 would have fired up the Aeros!

But, other than Kuemper getting his award early on, Hackett stopping 28 of 31 (the last goal for Rockford being an empty netter - Hackett is absolved from that !)
Final last seconds

Another Goal for Icehogs

Battling for the Puck: Genoway vs Richards
 4 on Defense and yet...??
and the afore mentioned baptism of McKenzie with godparents Prosser and Kassian,
it was a depressing game.
Rockford skated, fought a seemingly discombobulated Aeros.
There was lots falling about.
Several lost and broken sticks.
Fortunately 2 'might have been' injuries weren't, as far as I could tell tell.
Both 'nose holding' skaters - one from each team - were back skating soon after!
 A conference re what?
And the Ref (singular) called ONLY 4 penalties - neither resulting in a PP for either side!
Richards pushing Genoway  away from the puck in front!
 Hackett saves that one
But fans, it WAS an at home game..
and the majority of those, as we are getting used to, are being lost.


Anonymous said...

Was it a full moon yet?

artandhockey said...

Anon: You are funny, but???