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Monday, January 16, 2012

Opera and Hockey

well, sort of.
On Saturday we held the Opera in the Heights "potluck' and a nice time was had by all with lots of laughs, hugs with old favorites and happy getting to know you for newcomers singing in Anna Bolena.

Yesterday afternoon Better Half and I listened, at times rather spellbound, to 8 finalists in the Regional Competition for a spot to compete in the Nationals at the Metropolitan Operas Young artists program later this spring.
4 of the finalists represented the HGO Opera Studio. And who were enthusiastically supported by a busload of Houston buddies and opera lovers, plus several who drove their own cars (as we did).
But only one made it. Coloratura Soprano Lauren Snouffer shared first place with the more  dramatic soprano Annamarie Zmolek.
The sole tenor (HGO Studio)  of the 8 finalists, who seemed to have enchanted the audience of opera cognoscenti and just opera lovers, did not get even a mention. Even though his selection was unusual and not only sung beautifully but who also showed great stage presence!
Other than of course, that all 8 finalists were lauded as having big talents with huge promise!
It doesn't matter. It was an enjoyable afternoon.

Then on to the Ranch for a relaxing night to be ready for tonight's Rampage versus Abbotsford Heat contest.  Rampage 2 : Heat 1.
Of which I shall post briefly..
with photos (albeit with just a little point and shot of less than 3 inch long lens which falls within the allowed length for non-media or professional picture takers) to be posted after returning to my desk top.
This little net book is incapable to receive uploads..

The Rampage peppered Danny Taylor of HEAT with 31 shots 28 of which he saved.
Grumet Morris, who has grown since I saw him first time, stopped 25 of 26 and even had a spectacular belly flop kinda save...rather unexpected and not seen before from this net minder.

Amazingly, Kolanos was on the ice continuously or so it sure seemed, but had ONLY 4 sogs.
While his teammate Nigerian born (?) speedy 'Gonzalez' Akim Aliu had 5, one the only goal for the Heat.

So, with this second in row loss by Heat during a 3 on 3 weekend (they must have been tired, but sure did not look it) and the loss by Texas to Rockford, Aeros are again in 2. place with 51  points and equal number games (40) played to OKC 53 and  3. placed Heat 51.

Well,  back to the game.
The first period was exciting! Red (jerseys) Heat taking on the 'Caliente' Rampage.
Lots of fast paced skating, good to great passing, energetic forechecking and hot defense.
One goal each. By Wright for Rampage, and Aliu for Heat.

The second was much less that. Seemed a bit 'blah' lacking some of that oomph that excites fans (4180 at the ATT).
As incredible as it sounds both teams had huge opportunities to score but were stopped effectively by both goalies. Only Ex- Aeros Mark Cullen was able to stuff one in on a rebound off his stick in the rather exciting 3. period.

Throughout I was surprised how few passes were sent Krys Kolanos' way by his team mates.
And equally surprised by the speed and accuracy exhibited by Akim Aliu!
Rampage players appeared to take KK's presence on the ice personally and made hampering him from scoring a priority. Just saying :-).

Of course died-in-the-wool Rampage fans may not agree.

The 2 Refs and their 2 aides, blew many whistles, but only 8 penalties.
3 on Rampage - no PP goal for Heat. 5 on Heat and one of that became one goal for Rampage!
It seemed to me that there were many 'commercial breaks' which halted the flow of the game which then took awhile to be resumed.
But it was overall a good game, especially nice to see 2 familiar faces behind the bench of the Heat! Ward and Strand.
For photos... come visit  here Tuesday late night or Wednesday morning!
Because tomorrow we will be wine tasting (and buying-lol).
And shopping at Tanger Outlets  !!!! on the way ho on a predicted to be splendid sunny warm day.

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