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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Aeros loose to OKC

So, the curse now seems to have taken hold over OTR games as well!
Sad surprise upon coming home to hear about another loss. Aeros lost to OKC 2-5.
Correct me if I am wrong, but Aeros have yet to get a win vs OKC?

For 2 periods Aeros did not manage one goal. In the third (maybe after a talking to in the locker room?) the "Third Period" Aeros went back out and managed 15 SOG with 2 goals by Broda (McIntyre and Fontaine) and DiSalvatore (Wellman and Radja), but too late. BTW all the call ups were back in action plus the newbie Fischer!(previous post).
Who even had one SOG!
OKC had 4 goals in hand and got another one (of two SOGs) in the third to firmly lock in the win.
And remain in first place with 61 points!
Hackett was in goal for Aeros.
Danis for OKC.

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