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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Travel Woes...

SW Air is sardining more passengers onto their planes per articles in this mornings press.
"As part of the new interior, Southwest will add a row of seats, raising the maximum passenger load on its Boeing 737-700s from 137 seats to 143 seats. That gives the carrier a 4.4 percent increase in capacity without adding an airplane".
Net seatback pouches to save space and weight.
Smaller seat widths to 30-31 maybe!
Skinny people already enjoy the current seat width of 31-32 :-).
Legroom supposed to stay same which is great for short travellers :-)!
Plus thinner cushions.
Which will make more room, so they say, for carry-on luggage under the seat!
Which, of course,  is great for the ones who still lug on board suitcases plus several shopping bags or boxes!
BUT - and they really hype this - less incline in the seatback in front.
So maybe it will be easier to straggle out to visit the loo without waking the one in front who snores!

Personally, I really hate to fly anymore.

Pat downs even after one strips off every possible item not approved for getting through the scanner!
Limitations on what one can bring on board.
Long waits in terminals on horribly uncomfortable seats (if one can find one) before boarding.
Delayed flights and not only due to weather.
Luggage fees.
Food fees.
Special early boarding fees.
Seat preference fees,
and other not specified fees
What once was a glamorous way to travel in style has become a nightmare.
To better see that one does not carry anything objectionable, 
it would be best to wear the tightest and shortest clothes possible.
Which some do to the nth degree.
Which makes for some nauseating vistas ;-).
Those that shouldn't - do - 
and the sights are rather revealing, to say the least.
Enuf said....
After the next trip via SW I shall report on the comfort seats! ;-)!

1 comment:

ICEVET said...

Alas, there may be WORSE things to endure than a 2-hour SWA flight in the (new) 737-700 plane of the future, which you describe.....

Enduring a 2-hour Aeros LOSS at Toyota Center against a below-500 team (such as the recent Rockford Icehogs game)!

Go Aeros!