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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Whatever the coaches said to them after the last LOSS AT HOME, it worked!
A peppy Aeros (24 SoGs) won over an even more peppy Rampage (36 SoGs)with Broda (2 goals) as Star #1, Barlow (2 goals) Nr. 2 and Hacket with 33 saves Nr. 3 Star.
Barlow scores first when Hackett is out of position

That one is A SAVE

Heavy action in front of Grumet Morris
Broda open mouthed "Where did it go?"

Last goal (4th) for Aeros

The Pause that refreshes

A bench on its toes....final moments
Fast paced, few penalties and Aeros managed 2 PP goals  by Foucault, Prosser, Genoway and DiSalvatore, Rau and Taffe out of 4 oppos.
Broda with McIntyre gets 1. Aeros goal and
the last Aeros goal with McIntyre and Fontaine.
Enough said.
All photos by artandhockey in no specific order
Bagnal helps keep puck out of net
Barlow getting ready for his 2. goal!


ICEVET said...

"Hackett out of position...again"

This has become routine for this young netminder over the past two seasons.

Bob Mason (WILD goalie coach) and the entire WILD/Aeros organization continues to support and coddle Hackett, as he continues to make the same mistakes.

Go Aeros!

artandhockey said...

But other times he WAS very good!