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Saturday, January 21, 2012

La Scala of Tickets $-$$$$$

it sure seems that cultural companies around the globe - but especially in the USA - are introducing a 'dynamic  scale' for ticket pricing. 
LA opera will offer $18.00 tickets! Which seem almost on par with cinema ticket prices.
Popular by demand presentations in ballet, opera, concerts, will command higher prices.

Which has been the practice for quite a while in the pricing scale in Hockey when the opponent is a BIG name. If the contender is average the prices stay down - not exactly LOW, mind you, but down a few dollars (i.e. Blackhawks games mid level seats are priced at say 110 per, others at 75 per at the Panthers home).

And that IS a good thing.
Isn't it?
It sure shows that culture is no longer the exclusive domain of the rich. ;-)

Culture, of course,  is a non for profit thing.

But for Hockey it's a different ballgame!
Hockey is for profit!

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