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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love - Hate

Love it cold.
Hate it cold..

My mind loves cold weather.
Everything seems crisper, clearer and brisker!

My body does not.
Every time the temperatures dip below 45 F it rebels.
The Nose itches, drips.
I sneeze. Too often.
The Eyes itch, water.
And get bloodshot.
I get chilled to Bones which have turned to jelly.
Teeth chatter.
Joints ache all over!
The Skin feels like a too tight garment, which itches like hell.
The Scalp itches.
And no relief by scratching since even hair hurts that much it cannot be touched.
Fingertips, palms and soles tingle.
And do so, even if not 'gone to sleep'.
Feeling like a damp, cold, limp washrag! :-)!
On the positive side---NO hives, as yet!
Allergic to cold?  Sure looks like it.
On the Aeros front...
Love it when they play well.
Hate it when they don't.
As in another loss on the road vs. Rampage last night at the ATT.
To the tune of 5-2.
Rampage scorers:
Rallo, Wright, Thomas, Repik and Kearns (empty net)
And all fans went home with a free chick filet coupon :-)!
The two Aeros goals in the 2. and 3. period by Di Salvatore (Fredheim, McIntyre)
and a PP by McIntyre (Ortmeyer, Cuma) .
Kuemper in net. Loosing must be catching?
Didn't see the game, so can't comment on HOW the guys played.
But it just hasn't sat well with me for a time now.
Something... just can't put my finger on it ... IS missing,
despite the painful gains of points in OT and SO losses.
Do I think they can make it to the play offs?
Just don't know.
Feel rather negative about it all.

Just for the sake of watching hockey I do go to games.
BUT even that has become something less exciting than in the years before.

It is:
Changes in rules?
Changes in players attitudes?
No real Soft Spots to root for? :-), ;-).
Change in my attitude-have I become too blase?
Am I bored? Is' ma fad?
I don't know.

'Nuf said.


a sometime hockey fan said...

Sometimes I feel left out from your posts. Too many foreign words.I guess they are menat to be funny. Still reading you though, ususally good stuff there. Keep it up.

artandhockey said...

Thanks. And Yes, they're meant to be amusing.