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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What price youthful resilience

Staying tuned to the Rampage game tonight. 
Ads 2 vs Rampage 2 at end of OT.
Shoot out winner is Milwaukee 3 Rampage 2,and the first in the West to clinch a play off spot.

Atte Engren Atte Engrenfrom Finland (Nashville Predator prospect)
in his 1. AHL game in goal  for the Admirals.
From all I read, he is a very athletic hybrid butterfly  goalie and Aeros may have to face him at their next game versus the Admirals. Climie in goal for Rampage.

And the "spoilers" Rockford win over Lake Erie!

Apropos Aeros:
Josh Caron
Josh Caron, 20 Defense,
ready to take on an opponent -

and Headshot
Kris Foucault, 19, left wing,also ready to fight -  ;-)!
 have joined Aeros for the rest of the season and...into the Play Offs!

Recently I saw this interesting tidbit -
And will write about it.. to while away the time, until the Aeros game tomorrow.
When I mention youth in the title above,
I mean the Schweizer Moskitos,

the SBC Future team of  boy players.
17 of them came to Los Angeles from Bern, Switzerland.
And 24 hours later they won their first game against the Jr. Kings Peewee 2:0, then going on to loose against the Wave PeeWee of Anaheim.
Winning twice more during the tournament vs San Jose Blackhawks and Seattle Snow Kings.
But lost in the finals to the Wave Peewee.

During their stay they not only participated in the tournament, also  deep training on the ice, sightseeing and attendance at an Anaheim Ducks vs Capitals NHL game.
Despite the fact that the game in the USA is played much faster and much rougher, the boys toughened it out and went home to Bern with an experience under their belts, that few, if any, European Youth teams can claim their own.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, this addition of two young skaters now.