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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fights and A Game

In the beginning several Great Saves by Hackett

Aeros lost to Chicago Wolves 5-3.
2 referees assigned beaucoup penalties-apparently most to the Aeros allowing several PP goal by the Wolves. ..3 to Penner in the First alone, later there were more, also against Chicago!.
And after we left, the game must have deteriorated into a major brawl, since game misconduct, roughing, fighting and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties teemed in the third with less than 4 minutes to go..
Anyway, aggressive Wolves just snapped at Hackett and spit him back out.
Tordjman came in later.
First Goal by Chicago

Hackett makes another truly great save

Second Goal by Chicago

 Heavy activity at Chicago net in the seond
After 4. Chicago Goal in second - Hackett recalled

 Tordjman sent in and warming up

The Red Knight is ready

Aeros goal in second

Otherwise, this game was only memorable by the omissions by referees in not calling penalties that were due.
Aeros starting slow.. did they have 'morning skate' in mind after the 3 days off?
They did heat up a bit in the third and increased their offensive shots on goal.
However, the trio of Earl, Rau and Palmer got 2 goals.
AND  Rau, Noreau and O'Sullivan got the 3.
Hackett looked a bit battered after a melee. 
That may very well have been part of the reason for sending Tordjman in!
Or was it the 4 goals he did not stop?
Morency was helped off but came back later.
Wolves played a very aggressive and rough game, and -
so it seemed to me - were rather good in causing incidents for which Aeros player went to the penalty box.
Deservedly or not?
And that's all folks.. gonna have a glass of 'cheer me up' - and so Good Night.

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