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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Aeros news

Per Russo's Rants of the other day: "Real quick, got many questions about the Petr Kalus trade for "future considerations" i.e. nothing. The Wild's just giving the kid a chance to move on in Springfield because he was scratched pretty much every night in Houston. It's a favor for the player and agent rather than forcing to sit anymore, collect dust and destroy his still-NHL dreams".

A real nice way to say you did not fit in, and we didn't want you.
So now go out and pursue an NHL career elsewhere!
But that IS just my opinion!Also heard that Bostion approached The Wild re Khudobin, not otherwise. Hmm, believe it or not! But what did the Khudobin trade get the Wild?
The Finn Lehtonen may, so it is fervently hoped, dreamed, and wished by the Wild, 
come to USA? Will he indeed, that begs the question.
And guess what, the Jeff Penner deal seems to have been akin a 'pig in a poke' since the guy appears to be injured-one of those undisclosed upper body type injury!
So he may not even be skating at all this season, here or UP there!

And now Wellman is on the way up to the Wild.

Aeros are also short two defenders due to injuries to Bagnall and Fraser.
Guess Pascal Morency will continue to be a thorn in Aeros' foes hides, lol.
Maybe Mc Bride will be recalled? And who else?

Fans will just have to wait for any official announcements prior to Friday's game.
I will keep my fingers crossed all goes well.
After the super game yesterday anything but another BIG win, will be a real let down.

Meanwhile Better Half and I will watch some cute minor hockey in Estero,
where I will, as promised, keep eyes peeled for another yummy (per some) Goalie,
the Everblades' Goepfert!
And take in some NHL action by Blackhawks and Senators versus Panthers,
and for a change also two operas in Sarasota. Plus a visit to Flagler's museum.
And not to forget an Everglades adventure. Everglades not Everblades LOL.

Photos/Videos will be posted after returning..
I don't have a laptop to download to, only a net book to write and check emails!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog: But Just a FYI - Brock McBride at last look was playing with MIL.

artandhockey said...

@Anonymous, thanks, both for the approval and the news about McBride. I really like what I saw..spunky qicksilver kind a player. Hope he's found a good home for a while!