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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The invisible man may just be visible tonight!

According to latest news of the Aeros, as they prepare to face San Antonio tonight (and tomorrow afternoon, in SanAntonio, as well) Jeff Penner, so long out with injuries has been cleared!
So we may just see him skate for the team, or not?
Kassian, Fraser and Gillies and Cuma are still out,
Lawrence released from his PTO, Campbell signed. 
Wellman and Scandella still with the Wild.

Trio of Coaches - victorious? Jerina Photo
For Mathieu Beaudoin fans, and there still are a few who follow his career: he has garnered 44 points in 50 games played, despite being sidelined for several weeks following a broken foot injured in a game right here in December vs the Aeros. And that places him in second spot for the Rampage after MacLean, who is no longer on the active roster, and ahead of Picard and Stafford both with 40 points! 
He is Nr.59 in the AHL Top Scorer list.

Corey Locke fans will rejoice in his standing as the AHL Number One Scorer, overall, with 78 points.
In AHL League Leader list he takes the Nr. 66 spot..

Anton Khudobin, who won 5 of 6 games already for the Providence Bruins, is 17th overall in the AHL top goalie list.

Top Scorers: Jon DiSalvatore sits in 21 spot, Noreau is Nr. 35 and Earl 48.
League Leaders: JonDeSalvatore is 28, Earl 64.
Streaks: O'Sullivan with goals in 5 games played is Number 7.
Goalies: Matt Hackett is Number 6!

Just a few more numbers in the AHL, as of today:
Eastern Conference: Manchester Monarchs, with 90 pts, lead the Atlantic
and  WB Scranton Penguins, with 97 pts, the East Divisions, respectively.

Western Conference: Manitoba Moose, with 82 pts, leads the North
and Milwaukee Admirals, with 87 pts, the West Division, respectively.

The battle for Calder Cup Play offs is heating up.

It'll be a nail-biter as concerns Aeros vs. Admirals, Rivermen and the, again, "rising" Stars.
Aeros have only 10 more games to play, vs the others who have 1 or 2 more in hand.
Admirals and Aeros are the only 2 teams in the whole Western Conference with .600 and above percentage.
Moose and Bulldogs are over 0.580, followed by the others with less, and Americans at bottom with 0.485.
Rampage and Icehogs have 3 more games ahead, but the chances of either team making it are slim.
Possibly best (with 0.582) for Rampage (with 13 more games to play) and
nil for Icehogs (with 0.470) also with 13 more games to play, IMO.

                                          Aeros fans better buckle up for Take Off in the Play Offs!
                                                         A little inspirational song by Santana!
                                                                        GO AEROS!


Ms. Conduct said...

Great news on Penner. Should be a tremendous help on the blue line with everybody able to play regular minutes.

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