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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aeros sign new player to ATO

Player Photo Scott Campbell, 24.GPGAPts.PPGSHG
2007-2008 Mass.-Lowell
2008-2009 Mass.-Lowell
2009-2010 Mass.-Lowell
2010-2011 Mass.-Lowell
Season In Progress
Career Totals

and release Chris Lawrence.
The Aeros will  play the Milwaukie Admirals tonight!

Amusing factoids:
A Scott Campbell, defense, was chosen by the Aeros of the WHA  in 1977!

And then there is the goalie Scott Campbell, late of the Wichita Thunder
with a brief stint at OKC Barons under his belt, 
now with Allen Americans.

In other news:
regretfully no photos and videos from  the Panthers games  can be posted.. somehow..they went into space when trying to download to this computer - and that, chers readers, is frustrating to say the least!

Zamboni Rides for sale everywhere but at Aeros?

Shane Owen, 21 years old

Bobby Goepfert, 28 years old

Todd Ford, BUG for Stingrays

I did managed to  upload ( lol!) some of Florida Everblades vs Carolina Stingrays Games



Ms. Conduct said...

Yummy Goepfert pics! :)

artandhockey said...

Ya should'a seen the ones from the Panthers games....goalies of course, but.. the video gods would not smile on me this morning! Alas!
Or maybe its the new camera..gotta blame it on
something..just not my opwn stupidity in doing something wrong - LOL - and how wrong.. so mad at myself!

Anonymous said...

Milwaukie, is that the same as Milwaukee?

artandhockey said...

That's an oops! Yep, sure is!