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Friday, March 11, 2011

Florida Observations ...NR. 2

Alligator Alley=Interstate 75 really ought to be renamed.
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On both trips to the Panthers games,
we observed brown shirted Troopers in their brown cars with lights flashing behind speeders.
Or just lurking on the shoulder lane at about mile marker 93.
This morning, 18 marked, and two unmarked cars were lurking, lined up bumper to bumper,
just waiting to pounce on speed demons!
All that just past the sign which said 'Florida Panther Wild Life Preserve'!
HMM.. must have been hungry troopers!
So I rename Interstate 75 "Trooper Trap Alley" in honor of all those Troopers massed like Wolf Packs, at marker 93 to extract their pound of flesh...ahem, fines!

But, really there's a lesson to be learned CRIME DOES NOT PAY...
on the contrary it makes YOU pay the State of Florida!
Or those Indian reservations along that stretch of 75, perhaps?
And another thing:
most Northern license plated cars were found zipping along on the Golf coast..
Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft Myers, etc.
While on the Atlantic coast they were much rarer!
An explanation for this escapes me.
I'm guessing, that the Atlantic Coast is home to the OLD GUARD,
who winters over annually.
And maybe keeps Florida license plated cars in garages,

as they keep their yachts at anchor, as well, close to those ' private drive-keep out' estates
behind 12 ft high vined covered walls. :-)!!
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