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Monday, March 21, 2011

Variations on a Hat Trick

So  do we  know all about that?
Originally applied  for Cricket (1887),
adopted by Hockey (1940s),
now also in Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Rugby.
Even in Poker, Motor Racing.
And, yes, Marbles, Scrabble and Darts.
It is best known as it applies to hockey, I believe.

A Hat Trick: 3 goals scored in one game.
A Natural Hat Trick: Scoring three consecutive goals.
A Texas Hat Trick: scoring 4 goals in one game.
A Gordy Howe Hat Trick: 1 goal, 1 assist, 1 fight (GH only had two of these in his career)
A Rat Trick:  1995 Scott Mellanby threw a dead rat -killed in the locker room on the ice, so Panthers fans started to throw rats (plastic) whenever 3 goals are scored, later forbidden by NHL.
A Lemieux Hat Trick-or 'quintella': A PP Goal, a Shorthanded Goal, an Even Numbers Goal, a Penalty Shot Goal, an Empty Net Goal-achieved 1993 by Lemieux and not duplicated 100% since.
Sidney Crosby came closest.
A Legwand Hat Trick: 2009 David Legwand 1 goal, 1 assist & became a parent during one game ;-).
A Bat Trick: 2009 Christopher Crane had 2 goals and killed 1 bat during a game :-).
A Maxim Lapierre Hat trick: 1 goal, 2 penalties for 'diving' ;-).
A Brenden Morrow Hat Trick: version a) 1 goal, 1 assist, 1 roughing, version b) 3 goals, 2 disallowed !

And then there those rare shorthanded natural hat tricks
that get those 'wonder sticks' and their users enshrined at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The first recorded  to my knowledge was
1998 by Jamey Hicks-ECHL
2008 Zack Harrison

also in 2008 the female player Elin Holmlov

2009 Neil Musselwhite
2010 Matt Calvert, Scott Timmins, Mark Del Ville
2010 NHL: Johan Franzen, Jonathan Toews,
Milan Lucic, Alexander Semin -
2010 seems to have been the record year for shorthanded hat tricks in all leagues - even collegial.
2011 Taylor Hall-NHL
2011 Chad Wiseman

Wiseman as he scores one of the four!

And in Honor of Johann Sebastian Bach's 21 March 1685 Birthday, with deepest gratitude for countless hours of listening!              The Goldberg Variations played by Gould!



BobbyR said...

You forgot one Hat Trick.

The "Trailer Park Hat Trick" -- Three trips to the penalty box in one game!

That's we tell the visiting team players when it happens to one of them from section 108 at the Aeros Games. Every once in awhile a player will just burst out laughing and not be able to control his laughter.

artandhockey said...

I'd do too, burst out laughing!
Shows some DO have a sense of the absurd! Thanks BobbyR .. that comment made my day!