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Friday, March 4, 2011

Everblades vs S. Carolina Game 1

Would you believe it?
The final empty net goal South Carolina inflicted on the Blades was by Trent Campbell, who at one time or another was skating as last minute helper for the Aeros. Small world?
And Mathieu Roy, another familiar name/face skated as a Blade!

What can say, our Odyssey started about 2 1/2 hours later- due to some repairs to our ?  plane.
Although the flight itself was uneventful and relatively short, we barely got to Germain Arena during the first period.

Being a quick change artist (all those years as VC of Austria when Big VIP's needed shepherding and one had little time to change clothes from day to evening was great training, and  the Ladies at Tampa Airport Car rental  was really rather nice and clean, and empty!).
So we headed straight to the Rink!
The parking lot was packed, some of us were directed to the grass on the edge of the pond!
It was called VIP parking ..no doubt due to being lake view lot!
Better Half made doubly sure he set the brakes ...LOL!
Really would not have felt like diving for the rental car :-)!

So, the score was 3 - 1 for South  Carolina.   The other two goals by Ricci and O.Brien.

While Elgin Reid 'lucked' into the sole goal for the Blades.. all night long he seemed lost, missed passes, etc. then he lucks into the one goal to keep Owen from recording a shut out! Ah well that is HOCKEY!
Almost the whole 3 periods was a disaster for the Blades, poor  passing, less than rapid shooting, 
at times it looked as if they had no energy whatsoever.
South Carolina had several wizards (Goebel a Daoust look alike in height ;-), Popko, another shorter player, who skated powerfully, stole pucks right and left and snuck around the corners of the Blades net.. they did score 2, with the Campbell empty netter in last seconds. Shane Owen in net for S. Carolina stopped all but that ONE!
Goepfert in goal for the Blades was like flexible Humpty Dumpty...
up and down and one of the fastest legs ..
it was solely his doing the Blades did not suffer more goals, s
ince the defence was largely absent, despite great play by Ernie Hartlieb. Who, I thought, was retired?
More tomorrow.. hopefully the Blades will exact their revenge and get a winner!

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