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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Panthers hang on with a 3-2 win over Blackhawks

When it comes to noise, it sure seemed the crowd was heavily stocked with Blackhawks fans booing some referees decision.. but only when it went against the Blackhawks... Lol.
Booth celebrates his goal -Getty Images
Panthers dominated the Hawks in the First with 3 goals on Corey Crawford in his rookie season at the NHL. Goals by Booth, Wilson and Reasoner.
Turco went into the net for Chicago for 2. and 3. periods and did stop every SoG by the Panthers.
Vokoun Photo by Schechter via Getty Images
In goal for the Panthers was Vokoun, who stopped 37 of 39. Blackhawks really peppered Vokoun  with 10, 15 and 14 SOGs respectively while the Panthers had only 8 SoG in first but scored 3 goals!
Vokoun let in 2 Blackhawks goal by Kane and Hossa respectively in the second.
Blackhawks could not convert any power plays, but really there were not many of these despite 2 refs.
Panthers offense was somewhat less than overwhelming, they managed 8 then only 4 and finally a measly 3  SoGs. On the other hand the Panthers' Penalty kill  worked well for the 3 minor ones called.
Chicago had none called, despite the fact that twice IMO they should have received one.

Guess the refs did not 'see' anything amiss with Blackhawks' slashing and tripping!

Vokoun was outstanding and instrumental  in allowing Florida to hang onto their 1 goal lead through 2 periods of rapid and furious Blackhawk badgering.
Photos will follow.

Wild wins over Colorado with 5 gaols by Havlat, Brunnette, Madden, Spurgeon (4.goal) and Brodziak.

Aeros still in 2. with 79 points after Admirals with 81.

Texas Stars in 3. with 77 points and Peoria follows with 76. Wolves has 74. Rampage are tied for 6 with OKC with 73 and Rockford still trails with 59 in 7th.

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