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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The joys of Senior Moments

Yes, believe it or not.. they do exist!
Like this morning!
Waking up with wet cheeks and not remembering the cause.

Salvatore Dali :Visage of War
Was it a Nightmare? I wouldn't know.

The Sad News which have abounded lately?
Among which are that both Wild and Aeros lost :-(!
Elizabeth Taylor dead!As Cleopatra...

Or "A New Baby Coming" recent news?
Babies are solace for what ails one.
Sometimes so are new puppies and kitties.
All make you cry for joy.

Whatever the cause, I am GLAD I do not remember why.
I'd rather opt for tears of joy than sadness, wouldn't you?

So that's how this day started.

On the other hand, one of  two chuckly emails from Austrian friend with  'black" humor...
I do feel better already!
And am looking the new day in the eye with absolute fortitude ... LOL!
Until the next disasters.... just kidding.
Or rather just being a realist, they do happen.

We actually have NO plans for the evening!
Shall just read and talk!
Which is a good thing once in a while!
So the marriage counselors advise.
And with that I am shutting up.
And leave you with some music to enjoy a lovely day:
Verdi-Otelo Esultate sung by Mario del Monaco
Music by Erik Satie-use as desired (;-0)
to set YOUR mood, perhaps.

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