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Friday, April 8, 2011

Sleepless in...

American Eagle/Bonita Springs, FL photo by artandhockey
some of us are 'early birds',
 "Bolt"Tampa Bay mascot phoyo by artandhockey
some are 'night owls'.

All come in all sizes and colors.
Which one are you?
Do you stay up until the early morning hour and pop out of bed at 4 AM?
If this is YOU .. you are a natural 'short sleeper', usually extrovert, slender, energetic, multi-tasking,
a blogger and social media fan.
You began as a child never needing naps, say by age 3!

Do you burrow under the covers by 9 PM and crawl out at 7 AM (preferably later?)
If this is YOU, you are a 'normal sleeper' .. more likely introvert, just a 'normal' person ;-)!

And then there are those, who force short sleeps...
who tend to 'embonpoint', sluggish metabolism, are sleep deprived with tendencies to illnesses!
photo credit to lol cats
Most likely you are a mixture of all three,
like yours truly!
Who never took naps in kindergarten;
Went to bed at earliest by 11 PM;
Got up by latest 6:30 AM, even as a child;
In old age (lol) a blogger but even before addicted to LONG espistels, letters, essays.
Now also using social media (lol) ,
photo credit to Victus Spiritus
Doing several things at same time:
 exercise - talk (lol)
read book - watch TV, watch TV - iron, talk on telephone - do crossword puzzles; etc.!

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