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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Six to Start - Six to End

that's the count of goals by Aeros vs Oklahoma City Barons' Gerber. Yes, indeed.
The rested Aeros overwhelmed the OKC Barons although the Barons battled mightily - starting the scoring with a goal in the first by Arcobello (assisted by Cornet, McDonald) and ended it in the third with a goal by McDonald (assisted by Cornet and Kytnar) which earned McDonald (also BTW Corey Locke) the Willie Marshall award (named after the leagues all time leader in goals, assists and games played).

On the Aeros Roster we found a newcomer SAM LOFQUIST.
He even got an assist with the First Goal by Rau with Earl in the second period. And looked to me quite the fast skater.

Three more Aeros goals followed in short order, but OKC did get another goal as well. The third period was hectic, penalties and two more Aeros goals to OKC's one.

Games on Wednesday 4/13 and 4/15 versus Peoria Rivermen, then 3 games at Peoria - 2 more games here in Houston if needed.

Since the Rampage won over the Stars this afternoon,
the Stars will battle Milwaukee in Milwaukee, then 3 games at Austin, and then 2 more if needed in Milwaukee again.
Photos to follow.

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