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Monday, April 18, 2011

Opera as science? Another Spoof or not?

There's another one of those spoofy new musicals/operas. This one about a political figure, no less.
And when one reads the article -
one needs ask where is originality?
A mish mash from various operas already composed by others, strung together like 'pearls before swine' ;-)! But that is just my opinion.
And even hunky baritone Daniel Okulitch's voice can't make me believe otherwise ;-)! 

Then there is this: Opera in 3D is coming soon to a theater near you ;-)!
"Carmen in 3D" seem to have been a frantic try by Royal Opera to make legs and  ??? more tangible (Hm)!

And that Figgis production of "Lucrezia" just another trial balloon in 3-D shown in the U.K. on the BBC?
In good taste/ bad taste?

Tod Machover, photo of known to HGO goers for Resurrection (1999) based on Tolstoy, uses computers/hyper instruments to compose and  play his music.
His newest is  "Death and the Powers: The Robots' Opera," in which a wealthy man hopes for immortality by projecting himself electronically into a couch. 
But let's face it, could this soi disant trend to ' back to basics' albeit in a modern=synthetic/robotic sense really regenerate interest in opera, as these musical alchemists :-) hope? 
What remains on stage is a couch even if the 'hero' is its incubus ;-)!
I am a realistic optimist LOL! If such is possible!

When so-called progressives are starting to muck around with opera the result - it seems to me - is that the visual becomes too dominant to the musical. And that is no longer OPERA.
Singing is different, in that a singer tries channeling the emotions of an inner voice (am paraphrasing Fleming here) into the role. Opera is meant to be a way for the audience to escape reality, to dive into the unreal, perhaps even surreal, for a while.  Not unlike when we, as children, submersed ourselves in stories about fairies and other folklore creatures. The surreal as a way to escape stark reality!

Live opera transmitted into movie theaters is here for certain.
The DVD as a standard form of distribution to the home is too.
Is this the future of opera?
Why go to the opera house?
Why not just tape it and ONLY watch opera (and watch may become the operative verb here)
in a home equipped with surround sound, or without.
Sure, it makes opera accessible to anyone with a DVD/Blue ray player.
And that IS good.

BUT it also takes away the pleasure of a visit to the opera.
The rustling of the audience as it settles into their seats.
The first look at real people playing instruments.
The palpable anticipation as the curtain rises.
The presentation which so often differs from performance to performance.
The bravos or boos by audience at the end or even during. All that is part of the experience.

I , too, watch DVDs, listen to CDs but nothing can truly replicate the total impact of a LIVE performance with all its faults...singers and musicians are human, too, after all!

And now to hockey: 
Will the tossing of octopus during Red Wings gamed soon be 'gone with the wind'?
"The throwing of objects onto the ice surface is prohibited by the National Hockey League and persons caught doing so may be subject to prosecution for violating local and state laws.''
This tradition has been supported by team and fans since 1952.
Other sports have their traditions as well. So why seek out hockey?
And where will that leave the tradition of throwing hats onto the ice when a player scores a hat trick?

Do feel free to comment if you agree or disagree.

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