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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aeros climbing skywards....

well, how else to describe last night's game?
From 0 to 5 in 60 minutes!

Down by 2 after the First,
Down by just one after the Second and...
Up by 2 after the Third with their 3. win in succession!

Stayed 'glued' to Joe O'Donnell's descriptive services (lol) throughout the game.
The excitement over the steady climb from zero to 5 was easily perceived (I almost typed seen!). 
As I've said before he does it so well, one can 'see' what's happening on the ice!

Anyway...what a game!
I keep having to write this lately!
Soon I'll be running out of words to describe what's happening!

A team that seemed doomed - up until the injection of the O's!
Or the start of the New Year when the tides turned and the steady climb upwards began.
Sure there were dips way down here and there (that game vs Rampage! for one).

The coaches cracked their whips ;-)!
Or used  honeyed words (lol)?
The guys kept at it. Dug in their skates.
Their speed improved, their cohesiveness improved.
The penalty kill got better, their number of shots on goal rose.
They flew off the handle less-but when they did, they did in style ;-) !
And they just keep coming!  Up, Up and Away!
Ballon inflation Sedona, Az
Two more games up in Peoria, and then... one more here?
Aeros and Peoria have played 3 games, everyone else only 2.
So should Aeros win tonight, or  tomorrow, or even Friday here (game 6)
they will have a well earned rest 'til the next round!
And then they'll face the next opponent!

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ICEVET said...

During a recent (late March) interview with Joe O'Donnell, Patrick O'Sullivan declared that the Aeros were a "Special Team" and had the potential to go a "long way" in the Calder Playoffs.

Mr. Sullivan also left no doubt about how "proud" he was to have an opportunity to be on this "Special Team"...very humble words from a talented player who generated nearly 50 points in 37 regular-season games, since joining the Aeros in January.

Go Aeros!!!