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Thursday, April 21, 2011

My gut feeling is

Have you never used that phrase?
Perhaps reading the article below will give you other ideas.

Now, my gut feeling is that everything comes down from the top...as in this article


No wonder the local ABC affiliate never mentions Aeros..
but it's just my gut feeling!
I have NO hard facts or even factoids to back it up :)!

It is however, interesting that Nielsen Co says "audiences for regular season NHL games were up by 1.8% this TV season, they remain a fraction of the viewers for other major team sports in the U.S., as the League struggles to find new fans in the South."

Now the question remains in my mind, what about soccer?
That too seems to me a sport that is struggling to gain viewers.
And again just my gut feeling says soccer may be easier for the media to understand, follow
and report on!

Hockey, on the other hand, is so fast paced that it may be too confusing for most of the media?
I mean, just think how fast a patter the Voice of the Aeros has to use,
just to keep up with the action on the ice! And he has years of experience!
And trying to follow with a camera, that too is simply not so easy!
I think one would have to be able to 'sniff out (anticipate/hunt for)' the next move of the players..

                                 And in anticipation of the coming Sunday -

  Happy Hunting

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