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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Game One 4-1 for Aeros

All fuzzy pics are the fault of artandhockey ;-)!
Game One is won!

Aeros  Goal  by Peters evens score 1-1

Allen gets a real workout with 31 sogs!

A real close Hackett Save..

That 'move ;-) ' got a delay of game penalty!

Earl really tries to get that puck into the net with all his might!

Beleaguered Allen can't switch sides to watch fast enough..

O'Sullivan fiercely watching

 Noreau en garde...

 A happy DiSalvatore, after his goal!
Skirmish at the glass 
Mass congrats by and  to all!
 Peters, Nr. 1 Star of  Game 1 of the Calder Cup Play offs
and what a game! The speed the two teams, but especially the Aeros could muster, was so incredible, the 2. period was over before Better Half and I could say Go Aeros..
just kidding, of course!
But the whole game really went by with exceptional speed, or so it felt! Despite the penalties called by the two refs, most on Rivermen. Did Aeros make them do it?
At one time Hackett (in 2.) sure tried hard to rile a foe facing him, but that guy was savvy not to fall for it!

Some observations...
crowd small but VERY vocal.

Falk slow, tentative, but worked up to some effective checking later.
Penner fast, carries puck safely, but also makes mistakes that loose him the momentum.
Ortmeyer, a solid and calming (?) presence on ice.
Noreau adding extra speed to his skating.
Spurgeon, I am sure, will get better after he gets used to this coach and system after his sojourn up North.
Gillies - he just whizzes so fast, he is hard to keep up with. 
Kassian keeps surprising me, keeps his stick on the puck, has added quickness to his bag of tricks :-)! And kept the peace thus no fighting broke out!
Earl, reliable gritty efforts game after game.
O'Sullivan, DiSalvatore still a good tandem.
Peters blossoming, under pressure, perhaps?
Hackett  had some great saves, with mitt, pads and stick,
but was 'underworked :-)with ONLY 18 SOGs to face' that's a lol!

Now I do hope that you guys can keep this momentum going for the next games. Keep the speed, pass well, discombombulate Peoria's defense, pepper their net. AND keep your own defense and offense well oiled!

GAme Two is Friday night, right here,
then both teams travel to Peoria for games 3, 4, 5 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday respectively.
If needed games six and seven back here in Houston.

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ICEVET said...

The Aeros stuck to their System and played well, tonight, preventing the Rivermen from executing their game plan.

Game 2 will be a challenge, but the Aeros should be well-prepared to meet that challenge.

Go Aeros!!!