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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flowers and Art AND UPDATE AEROS WIN game 4!

MFAH had a great idea! It invited garden clubs to display all kinds of plants, flowers and arrangements.

Some arrangements seemed to have been designed for just that painting on the wall.

Baroque Bouquet -Clay Statue
Some flowers are accompanied by 'themed' Photographs.
Roses in front of photos
It was a delightful day at the FLORESCENCE at the MFAH.
What joy for visitors.
Due to the nature of the show, it only is on for one more day-Wednesday!
Until the next time!
Matching arrangements to  paintings?  above and below 

 and on front of museum collections


Contrast in 3 D  and flat as also in colors

Flowers paying hommage to more Cruz Diaz 's - physicromies installations
totally awesome those, even without the flowers!

Prairie Eco scape

And here are some more photos by artandhockey to tempt you to go see it!

A nod to the permanent MFAH Asian Exhibits, perhaps

Phantasy woodland scape with pond?

Flower Power-wheel and Side mirrors?

2 GOALS :-)! by Aeros
Meanwhile in Peoria
Aeros 2 - Rivermen 1
The Aeros are the winners with a three game sweep!
Now they are coming back for some rest before facing the ?? in the next round.

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